Meet the Staff

  • Mrs Carr

    Head of School

    Mrs Carr is the Head of School and also teaches in Owls class.

  • Mrs Tamblin

    Class Teacher , School & Pre-school SENCO

    Mrs Tamblin teaches in our Robins Class (EYFS and Y1). She is also our SENCo here at school.

    Mrs Tamblin works in Robins' class 3 days per week alongside Mrs Vivian.

  • Mr Barnard

    Class Teacher

    Mr Barnard teaches the oldest children of Halwin; The Kingfishers and is the maths and PE lead.

  • Mrs Blewitt

    Mrs Blewitt teaches in Owls Class 3 days a week

  • Mrs Moulding

    Mrs Moulding is our school secretary.

  • Mrs Vivian

    Class Teacher

    Mrs Vivian teaches in Robins Class with the Reception and Year 1, for 2 days a week.

  • Mrs Tomba

    Mrs Tomba runs our pre-school.

  • Mrs Laundon

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Laundon is a Teaching Assistant and an Early Years specialist.

  • Miss Sweeney

    Teaching Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor

    Miss Sweeney not only supervises our lunchtimes but also supports the children's learning in Robins & Owls classes as a Teaching Assistant.

  • Mrs Bullock

    Teaching Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor

    Mrs Bullock is our learning mentor, she also supports the children's learning in Owls and Kingfishers Classrooms as a Teaching Assistant and is one of our lunchtime supervisors.

  • Mrs Trathen

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Trathen is an experienced Teaching Assistant. She supports the learning in the Owls' class as well as Robins.

  • Mrs Rossiter

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Rossiter is an experienced Teaching Assistant - she supports the teaching and learning in Kingfishers Class.

  • Miss Katie Trathen

    Pre-school Assistant & Extended Activities Assistant

    Miss Trathen works in our preschool every day as well as supports the wrap around care in our breakfast club.